Thin Film Deposition: The Why and How of Angstrom’s Thermal Evaporation Systems

If you were ever a fan of the show How It’s Made, you’ve got to see thin film deposition machines like Angstrom’s thermal evaporation systems in action.

To understand what those high-tech-sounding terms mean, you need only break them down piece-by-piece. Thin film deposition is the field of transferring a thin film or coating of material onto an object using a vacuum chamber. Thermal evaporation, as the name implies, is a system that generates extremely high temperatures to cause evaporation.

As it happens, the latter is a means of accomplishing the former; that is to say that thermal evaporation is one way manufacturers can coat parts with a thin metal film. And while it might not have gotten the spotlight back in the How It’s Made days, it’s definitely cool enough to merit your attention.

Besides, thin film deposition is the technique behind a lot of the technologies we use every day: solar panels and touch screens, for example. The more you read about it, the more you realize how imperative this side of manufacturing technology has become with contemporary life.

How Angstrom’s Thermal Evaporation Systems Work

You’re probably already familiar with how evaporation works, but you may not have realized that metallic materials, like copper and chrome, also have an evaporation point. When placed in the system’s high-vacuum environment and subject to extreme heat, the molecules vaporize, and the vacuum forces them to travel onto the object to be coated.

At a distance, the thermal evaporation process resembles water condensing on the lid of a boiling pot, but it harnesses a different heat source and takes place in a closed environment.

Thermal evaporation is comparatively simple when placed next to other methods of thin film deposition, but it can be used with a wide variety of elements, including aluminum, silver, and copper.

But that’s only the short of it. To learn more about Angstrom’s Thermal Evaporation Systems, click here.

Northern Ireland Draws Tourists With Game of Thrones Links In A Tapestry

As one of Games of Thrones primary filming locations Norther Ireland is using the opportunity with the premier of the 7th season to draw tourism to the series most sought-out filming locations; from Winterfell to the Iron Islands, Tourism Ireland has unveiled a giant, 77-metre long, Bayeux-style tapestry.

The tapestry was created with linen from Northern Ireland and depicts  Game of Thrones from seasons 1 to 6.

Tourism Ireland Game of Thrones
The tapestry will be displayed in the Ulster Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which will be open to the public from Saturday 22nd July, 2017.

As season 7 unfolds, new sections of the tapestry will be revealed each week, capturing key events from the previous episodes. Tourism Ireland will unveil and share these new sections via social media, where fans will be able to watch time-lapse footage and cinemagraphs as new segments are created.