Parking Lot Safety Affects Everyone

Whether you work nights or do your shopping in the evening, you deserve to feel safe when using a parking lot. And yet, many people don’t because of insufficient lighting.

Lack of proper illumination can lead to shadowy areas where would-be predators lurk and wait for victims. Also, undue darkness can cause accidents when people trip over things that are not visible.

In many cases, facility owners are willfully negligent because of the cost of fully lighting a large parking area. It can be expensive to have a company come in and replace bulbs that are at a great height. Even if this is something that can be done in-house, you must still divert manpower away from their regular assignments. Then there are the material costs of the bulbs and the monthly electrical expenditure to factor in.

The best solution is to look at the importance of LED parking lot lighting upgrade. LEDs are the most sophisticated form of illumination available on the market today. Thanks to technological advancements in lighting, they cost less and last longer than traditional bulbs. That means fewer burned out and fewer incidences of staff having to go up and replace them.

LED also provides better illumination while using less power. Sounds too good to be true? For once, it’s not. The best LED installation company will analyze your parking area and offer suggestions on where to place lights in order to provide the greatest coverage areas. This will help to eliminate any shadowy spots and make users feel safer in this area.

These companies will also run the numbers for you and lay out just how much money will be saved with a switch to LED. Check out the best LED installation company – Tradeforce Tech. Yes, there is some upfront expenditure, but you will likely be pleasantly surprised to see just how quickly that cost is recouped.

Northern Ireland Draws Tourists With Game of Thrones Links In A Tapestry

As one of Games of Thrones primary filming locations Norther Ireland is using the opportunity with the premier of the 7th season to draw tourism to the series most sought-out filming locations; from Winterfell to the Iron Islands, Tourism Ireland has unveiled a giant, 77-metre long, Bayeux-style tapestry.

The tapestry was created with linen from Northern Ireland and depicts  Game of Thrones from seasons 1 to 6.

Tourism Ireland Game of Thrones
The tapestry will be displayed in the Ulster Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which will be open to the public from Saturday 22nd July, 2017.

As season 7 unfolds, new sections of the tapestry will be revealed each week, capturing key events from the previous episodes. Tourism Ireland will unveil and share these new sections via social media, where fans will be able to watch time-lapse footage and cinemagraphs as new segments are created.

Underwater Discovery

I was always obsessed with the ocean.  The whole underwater thing really took my interest as a young child.  I remember playing in the ocean and going snorkeling to see all the fish and plants that were underwater.  It was really a magical sight to behold.


Luckily for me, I now work closely with the ocean, analyzing data and studying underwater discovery.  This is the blog I will update to keep you all informed of all the cool data and science that I’ve studied and learned.

There’s so much about the ocean that we do not know about.  I intend to research and study as much as I can to better inform you of what our oceans have to offer.